Hello Fellow Vegans! My name is Victoria Hartley. I live in New York State and I am a vegan.

I first decided to become vegan when I scavenged through YouTube looking for how to benefit my lifestyle in a healthier alternative. After hours of watching “how to lose 10 pounds in one week” videos, I came upon a woman teaching about how Veganism changed her life. By the time the video ended, my motivation peeked and I told myself, this is what I am going to do, and so I did. I have so far been vegan for 5 months. Many people are shocked when people become vegan after being a meat lover for many years and question how we do it. I believe it’s all about ambition. If you have a certain mind set, you can achieve whatever you desire.

In this blog, you can expect helpful tips and tricks on how to stay vegan and ways to make it easier for yourself. I realize many people think vegans are limited to foods, however there is an abundant amount, they just need to search. This blog will also provide recipes during the holidays, so not only can your guests can enjoy the food, you as a vegan can as well.

I hope to post often as yummy and interesting ideas come my way!



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